Caring for Our Land

Everyone is a steward of the environment. We do not own the land, trees, waterways or lakefront— we are simply caretakers of the resources we use in our daily lives. Land stewardship can take many shapes and forms:

  • Protect your own land
  • Become a volunteer land steward for Chikaming Open Lands. On-the-ground stewardship activities can include removing invasive species, replanting native species, compiling plant inventories, monitoring habitats, restoring natural water flows, as well as educating our members and the public about conservation. Learn more about becoming a Land Steward.
  • Buy products made locally whenever possible.
  • Recycle waste and gray water.
  • Adopt renewable energy sources.
  • Choose products that reduce their impact on the environment by minimizing pesticides, fertilizers, waste, and energy consumption.
  • Use public transit, cycle, or walk whenever possible.