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What is Stewardship?

A big part of Chikaming Open Lands mission is dedicated to protect land forever through active long-term stewardship work. Stewardship is about caring for the land and making sure it keeps its natural integrity for future generations. 

Once a natural area is protected the work doesn't stop there, we carefully protect and manage our lands to ensure these natural systems are well maintained for years to come.

Caring for Our Protected Properties

The health of our natural protected properties is the most important part to successful land stewardship and our restoration practices are crafted with long-term goals in mind.

We practice a wide variety of restoration techniques to help keep the natural integrity of our preserves. Our work includes removal of invasive species, prescribed burns, replanting native species, compiling plant inventories, monitoring habitats, restoring natural water flows, as well as educating our members and the public about conservation.

With these restoration techniques we are able to conserve biodiversity through the protection of habitats, protect open space and fragile natural areas in the face of many common day pressures.

These restoration and stewardship efforts are long term projects and continue to be supported by our active Stewardship Program that is dedicated to the conservation, maintenance and restoration of our preserves. 


One of the many ways to get involved with Chikaming Open Lands is to become a volunteer and come to our monthly Saturday Stewardship Workdays or become a Volunteer Land Steward to help care for our 12 preserves.


Interested? Contact the Chikaming Open Lands office to get more information on how you can volunteer. Contact us at or call          (269) 405-1006 and help make a difference today!