Turtle Creek Preserve

Turtle Creek is a 12-acre woodland located in New Buffalo Township just adjacent to the New Buffalo Elementary School. The nature preserve features a high quality hardwood forest and some seasonal wetlands. Turtle Creek, which connects with Lighthouse Creek, runs through the property. Lighthouse Creek eventually empties into Lake Michigan. The property is also part of a Lake Michigan coastal flyway for migratory songbirds, providing natural habitat for them to rest and feed during their journeys up and down the lake shore in the spring and fall.

The acquisition of this, our 11th nature preserve, was initially made possible when the former landowner, intent on seeing the acreage protected in perpetuity, granted Chikaming Open Lands a generous price reduction on the property. Its acquisition was funded in part by members of the surrounding community, who came together to raise nearly $60,000 in just five months. The remainder of the purchase price was provided by COL, using funds previously raised for land acquisitions from a combination of individual donors and The Pokagon Fund

To park for Turtle Creek Preserve please park in the New Buffalo Elementary School parking lot. Please be courteous to the elementary school and overnight parking is prohibited.

Turtle Creek Preserve offers a trail network suitable for hiking, birdwatching, snowshoeing or cross-country skiing. Check out the trail today!

This preserve was acquired in part with funding from The Pokagon Fund.

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