Robinson Woods Preserve

Robinson Woods is an 80-acre forested nature preserve on East Road in Chikaming Township. The preserve consists of mature forest dominated by beech, maple and oak trees. Multiple streams flow through  steep ravines cutting through the preserve. Several rare and state-listed threatened species thrive at Robinson Woods, including migratory birds and plant species.

Until World War II, much of the property that is now Robinson Woods was in agriculture, primarily orchards and row crops. It is thought that the farm was abandoned after the war, at which time the woodland began to regrow. In 1966, Jean and William Robinson bought the land and built a cabin at the northern end. Later, the Robinsons donated the land to The Nature Conservancy. In 2009 the property was transferred to Chikaming Open Lands. Improvements to Robinson Woods completed in 2013 were designed to make the nature preserve more accessible to the public, and were made possible in part by a grant from the Laura Jane Musser Fund.

Robinson Woods features a multiple trail system throughout the woodland, appropriate for hikers of all fitness levels. It  is located on East Road just west of I-94. There is a parking lot at the entrance to the preserve. No bicycles or motorized vehicles. No hunting. Leashed dogs are welcome. Please stay on marked trails.