Chikaming Open Lands supports Cherry Beach expansion effort

Posted on September 19, 2018

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Chikaming Open Lands would like to express its support for the efforts of the Cherry Beach Committee and Chikaming Township to expand Cherry Beach. We were happy to provide a letter of support for the Township’s grant application to the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund. We have also agreed to assist the Township with stewardship activities and future educational programs after the property is acquired.

However, as an organization, Chikaming Open Lands will not be providing direct financial support. We pursue our mission as a land conservancy by acquiring land and conservation easements, either through donations from landowners or by purchase with the help of specific fundraising campaigns. A financial investment by the organization is considered only under these circumstances – that is, when we will own title to the land or hold a conservation easement on it. Neither is feasible in this case.

We believe the expansion of the Township’s public spaces, including its beaches, is a worthy cause that will benefit the community. We also believe it takes a commitment from all of us and the leadership of many for land conservation efforts to be successful. We commend the Cherry Beach Committee and Chikaming Township for their dedication to this project and we encourage all residents and friends of the Township to consider supporting it.

For more information about the Cherry Beach project, please visit

The Board of Directors of Chikaming Open Lands.